101 MEPs sign declaration on development education…

… but do they know what they are signing? At DEEEP and CONCORD, I am part of the team that is currently campaigning for a European Parliament “written declaration on development education and active global citizenship“. There is still a long way to go to convince a majority of MEPs (377!) to sign the declaration, which “calls on the Commission and the Council to develop a long-term, cross-sectoral European strategy for development education, awareness-raising and active global citizenship” (see very useful background paper by the EP library here). How to engage with these usually very busy deputies, who deal with a broad range of issues and, in their overwhelming majority, never heard of development education before? We produced a number of postcards in all 23 EU languages, showing a Peters projection of the world, South up, and playing with the aspect of changing perspectives and questioning representation. However, what proved to be more effective, was playing with them: We went from office to office with a Earth balloon and proposed to take pictures. Who doesn’t want to hold the world in the hands? It raised interest, and sometimes even some more substantial exchange with MEPs emerged from this situation. But it is result driven campaigning, not development education what we are doing. Let’s hope it helps, anyway…

MEP Gabriele Zimmer, head of EP GUE group, supports development education

MEP Gabriele Zimmer, head of EP GUE group, supports development education

2 thoughts on “101 MEPs sign declaration on development education…

  1. Great to hear Tobias. Interested to hear the feedback from MEP about their understanding of DE. What are your reflections?

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