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In this blog I want to share some thoughts on global learning, development education and related issues, which emerge from my studies of a Development Education Master at the Institute of Education (University of London), and my work at DEEEP, the development education “branch” of CONCORD, the European confederation of development NGOs. I hope this blog can contribute to the broader debate on the character and purpose of education in creating a more just and sustainable world. It would be great if it could become a place for engaging, and why not also controversial discussions. Feel free to react, complement or criticise the posts!


Tobias Troll

7 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Good to see such interesting and challenging thoughts, look forward to more and to joing in hopefully!

    • Hi Diana! Thanks for appreciating – EC applications are indeed one reason why not so much is published on the blog at the moment. But feedback was very good so far, so I’ll try to keep it alive!

  2. Was wondering if you had access to the outcomes of the Visegrad Regional Seminar on Global Development Education (“Quality standards and good practice in Global Education”) in Prague last month? We are co-hosting a ‘Good Practice in Development Education’ professional reflection day on Friday – I’m very much interested in flagging up the good work already underway in EU and seeing how we can reflect on this within the context of Dev Ed work in Scotland….where Education is devolved, but ‘Development’ is still directed from London….

  3. Hello,
    Your site is an important actor mapped in my PhD research about environmental movements on the Internet.
    Please, can you answer a short questionnaire for my research project on “Environmental Networks and the Management of Nature”? (just 3 minutes)
    Here the survey in ENGLISH : https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YKNR6Y7
    Thank you very much!
    Best wishes,
    Débora de Carvalho Pereira
    School of Information Science of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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