DEEEP and the Istanbul Principles

The Journey from IstanbulIn 2011, international civil society adopted the “Istanbul Principles on CSO Development Effectiveness“, as a reaction to the donor driven aid effectiveness agenda. For DEEEP, these principles “propose a radical reconsideration of NGO practices in order to stimulate a system shift towards a more just and sustainable world. This is quite a challenge for NGOs, busy with daily policy business, trapped in topical silos and steered by the aspiration of short term wins, when the inclusion of our momentary buzz words in an official policy paper becomes the success story of the year. Getting out of the business as usual and starting to address the essence of the Principles in our own organisational practice, such as moving from charity to justice, addressing systemic change or cross- sectoral partnerships, real participation and transparency is a major strategic shift for most CSOs, which still requires a lot of learning and questioning.

This quote is an extract from the recent publication “The Journey from Istanbul – Evidences on the implementation of the CSO DE Principles” by the global CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness.

We are proud that DEEEP has been chosen as one of 19 case studies from all over the world. Under the title “DEEEP: CONCORD Europe’s transformative action experiment on citizen’s emancipation for global justice” (page 43) you can read how we try to address each of the 8 principles. Tell us what you think!


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